After one year and two months in Brazil, the US Amazon started selling physical products in its Brazilian site. Until then the company was selling only digital goods. With this the Brazil becomes the first country in Latin America where Amazon has sales of physical goods.(Wallets for men)

From the 7th of January is already possible to buy the Kindle, priced between R $ 299 and R $ 699, on the site

The Kindle was only marketed by partners of the American brand, as Ponto Frio, Extra and Giraffe. The agreement reached between brands allows partners to continue to market the product normally.(Gents wallet)

With the launch of e-commerce in Brazil, Amazon wants the Brazilians have a different experience with their products, starting with the Kindle Paperwhite and Toch.

Around 9 am the site went live already announcing the delivery of Kindles bought in the buyer's residence.

Alex Szapiro, general manager of Amazon in Brazil, comments: "The expectation of the Brazilian consumer with the general trade is not very high. What we want to do is increase it. My role and everyone who works in the Amazon is to bring this positive experience to Brazil, and who will judge is the consumer, "he said.

Szapiro, said that before starting sales of physical goods, the company went through hard work on internal processes such as creating service standards, structuring logistics and storage processes. "We take a step when we think we are ready to give it," said the manager.(mens wallet)

In 2014 the company wants to encourage the purchase in your e-commerce, increase the number of partners to be found in more and more places.

For now the Brazilian site does not offer other products other than the Kindle and digital books. However Amazon intends to soon make available all of its products.

At the launch of the store, the company took advantage and made the disclosure of actual numbers of its catalog of digital books in Portuguese. According to the brand, the national collection of digital copies reached 28,000 titles, a large increase compared to the 13,000 books in Portuguese in 2012.

Already the amount of free books doubled in less than two years. He spent 1550 to 2600 in the same period.

As Szapiro, growth in Brazil is staggering. "We want to make sure that we are bringing the best shopping experience for Brazilian consumers as we got the best deal, the best selection of books, now the best sales channel," concludes the company leader in the country.

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