Today I want to offer an 'image that I found in one of my online sessions based on serendipity. It is a picture published 

by datadial which is really interesting as it manages to summarize graphically, so egregious, all possible positioning 

strategies (SEO).


It 'important to note that the different practices of search engine optimization, were analyzed according to two 

variables:(Mindfulness meditation)

the variable's value (high value vs. low value) which indicates how each opportunity to be truly effective;
the variable of "transparency" (white hat vs. black hat) that indicates how each of the strategies is legitimate and above 

all ethically permissible, without risking penalties.(How to meditate)
Among the strategies that are best (combine effectiveness and transparency) are:

the 'natural optimization of the page, considered the best strategy ever to climb the SERPs; (Long Life)
link baiting, which is nothing but the reinterpretation of what is called viral marketing applied to the web and to the 

construction of link popularity. It provides for the creation of quality content generating spontaneous links and exploded 

along with the revolution of social networks;
the search for appropriate keywords, which allows us to understand what the public wants and what on which you can emerge 

because of a lack of competition;(How to meditate)
the 'embedding, namely the incorporation of the page interfaces (widgets) or content taken from other sites (for example 

presentations from Slideshare, video from Youtube ...).
Antipodes, ie between the practices not recommended (nor value and even less transparency) are:

the "keyword stuffing", ie exaggerated repetition of the word (or phrase) key, so you want to be indexed. Search engines 

recognize cases and at best it is heavily penalized;
automatic generation of content, which is indigestible to the search engines due to such problems of duplication.
The continuous development of the algorithms of search engines has led to numerous and rapid changes in the SEO field. (Deep Patel)

Some may be surprised by the location of certain practices considered until some time ago in the basic positioning, such μεταφορες μετακομισεις

as the exchange of reciprocal links, which, according to research, has little effect, or the use of meta-keywords almost 

completely useless . Also interesting is the little value that is now assigned to 'registration to the directory or link 

to Wikipedia.(Monogram Necklace)

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